See what clients are saying about PeerThru.

The praises of my leadership and coaching are a direct result of Chris Kurtz working with me to create a high performing team, develop my people and get results. He challenged me to focus on my the people first. I learned how to modify my leadership style based upon the individual needs and personalities of my people. Once my team was competent, well supported and aligned with the direction of the organization, we got great results.

I cannot say enough about Chris. If you had the opportunity to know Chris, you certainly know what I am saying. Chris is building a better future every day!
— Chris Andersen, President & CEO at Mark VII Equipment Inc.

Chris is one of the greatest leaders of our time. His management skills, people skills and ability to develop people are just outstanding and not easy to describe. His abilities to create relationships, to teach without directly telling people what to do, and to get the best of everyone are miraculous.
— Zhivko Zhelyazkov Specialist, Business Development, American Express

I am in awe of Chris’s ability to command a room and tell a story that resonates with so many different people. He takes the audience on an enlightening journey that leaves everyone with a smile. His talks are informative and memorable- a rare combination. I look forward to the next time I get the pleasure of hearing him speak!
— Audra Knight, Employer Brand Manager, Tenable Network Security

Chris goes the extra mile to help others succeed. He is a natural born leader with exemplary communication skills who acknowledges people’s accomplishments and mentors you to succeed. Chris’ people skills are exceptional and any organization would be lucky to work with him. Chris truly cares about others and brings passion to any project he is leading. I would jump at the chance to work with Chris again!
— Venus Katsiros, Executive Assistant to CEO/Founder and CFO at BrightEdge

We all know there is more to life than just hitting the ground running every day. We have a choice to make about who we lift up along on our way. Make the choice to reflect on what you love and what you need to change. Chris invites us to look in the mirror and step toward the life we want. I feel incredibly lucky that our paths crossed this week. Thank you Chris for leading our team into a conversation I wasn’t expecting and getting wheels turning where they had been stuck and silent. Even after one day, the conversations among our team are more real. Cheers, Jennifer
— Jennifer Johnson, Retail Systems Manager at Peet's Coffee

We are using PeerThru Consulting to foster better communication and coordination in our office. Chris Kurtz has a manner that puts you at ease and makes you feel very comfortable. I was surprised by how open and honest and willing to share my coworkers were with the format of this training. I have done some personality profiling with other offices, but I think the way this is organized and explained is much more effective. It taught us so much about ourselves, but also how to better work with other personality types. It has really fostered discussions our office needed to have and has made us more mindful of each other. We have all benefitted in our personal lives as well. We find ourselves applying the skills we have learned at home as well as at the office. Thank you, Chris.
— Anupa Laheri, Dentist, Novato Family Dental Care

Chris represents that rare individual who is good at all aspects of their job - a good coach, a good manager, and a good leader.
— Aaron Heilbrun, Director of Marketing, US - West at Hilti