“Glassdoor didn’t let the transparency genie out of the bottle, Mark Zuckerberg did, we just live in that world now.” 

- Scott P.  Executive VP and Chief Partner Resources Officer at Starbucks


If you have found us here you are either a Glassdoor client wanting to do more with your data and metrics but feel overwhelmed, or you are looking at Glassdoor wrestling with where to begin. Whichever the case, we can help. We specialize in simple, scalable solutions for clients of all sizes and stages of their employer brand development. 


What we do:

PeerThru offers expert third-party solutions to managing your employee-generated content on Glassdoor. Our agency services include consulting, and monthly management services for businesses focused on increasing their employee engagement and feedback.

Why we do it:

Every organization has a story to be told and whether you are monitoring it or not, it is. Our research and experience reveals that executives commonly don't engage with employee-generated content for one or more of the following reasons:

  • Bandwidth. TA is busy filling reqs & HR is increasingly burdened by policy and procedure. All the while, your candidates and employees are leaving breadcrumbs of information about your culture, values, and senior management for the world to read.

  • Fear. We understand that anonymous reviews can be scary. Having a strategy in place can help remove that fear and keep your executives and hiring managers sharp and informed.

  • Bias. Contrary to popular belief, not all reviews are negative and not every accepted offer comes at the end of a positive candidate interview experience. Employee-generated content is an excellent lens to challenge the culture bias that exists in every organization.

  • Lack of Expertise. You can watch hundreds of hours of webinars and read the "For Dummies" books, or you can partner with an expert who has already helped a host of companies across all industries take a strategic approach to turning their employee generated content on Glassdoor into actionable business insights.

How we engage:

PeerThru tailors each service solution to meet the needs of our clients. We begin each engagement with an employer brand strategy session and from there we go to work to implement the right strategy for your unique culture.