The PeerThru Story

In 2010, while attending a conference, I overheard a CEO ask a large group if anyone had ever heard of the website At the time, only a couple people in the room had and the CEO, slightly unnerved by some reviews, dismissed the conversation with a simple, "Well, I'm sure they'll be gone in eight months."

Two years later, as the result of a Memorial Day picnic conversation, I joined Glassdoor, building and leading their first enterprise level sales team. In 2010 many candidates and companies were still discovering Glassdoor and the term "Employer Brand" continued to find its wings as social media was giving it new meaning.

Today, few Executives aren't aware of Glassdoor or the impact, positive or negative, that employee reviews can have on their employer brand. Bloomberg not only syndicates critical financial information about a company, they also share that company's Glassdoor and CEO approval ratings. That's transparency.

During my time at Glassdoor I read thousands of reviews and studied the practices of companies that would become "Best Places to Work". I consulted with hundreds of leaders across all industries to help them develop a Glassdoor strategy, better manage their online recruitment brand, and find great people. I observed that the single best way to get more stars on Glassdoor begins from within, with your people.

I also learned that many times a "negative" review is more than a rant; it's a cry for help, a warning, that if left unanswered can cost a company hundreds of thousands of dollars and priceless goodwill.  

In 2015, I left Glassdoor to form PeerThru, an independent advisory providing a consultative, managed approach to employer branding and online review sites like Glassdoor. Since then we've added culture workshops, team building, and leadership training. All to support our mission of improving people's live through communication and productivity at work. 

This is the first chapter of a fantastic story and I hope that your story will become part of ours. Thank you for joining me on this journey.

Do Good. Be Kind.,

Christopher Kurtz