How "i" Valentine. The Influence of Personality and Holidays

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Written in positive collaboration by Jess Von Bank

My friend Chris asked me for a favor. I said ‘yes’ before I knew what it was. Then he filled me in: a blog series highlighting “Valentine’s Day shopping tips” for each of the four DiSC styles. ‘Freaking A right!’

You see, I’m an i. Of course I say yes when a friend asks a favor. I also say yes in a BIG WAY; my cup runneth over with passion. (Have we met?) I’m social and collaborative, I value relationships and nurture the hell out of friendships, and I’m expressive. Taking action is another priority for i’s. I needed two pieces of information (what’s the theme?, how many words?) before I made a fresh cup of coffee, cranked Lita Ford, and sat down to write this piece. Done. Oh, did I mention drive? Highly driven. Not typical of someone with the i style but screamed through on my personal assessment. Don’t box me in with your little assessment. ;)

So Chris’ request: How might a sweetheart shop for someone like me? An i/iD, specifically? DiSC is about using information to help you understand yourself and others better. Pretty helpful in connecting better with people whose priorities and preferences differ from yours.

First, I don’t actually love Valentine’s Day. Ish. While this might boggle the mind (i’s are passionate, spirited, expressive storytellers), I’m not mushy in that way. Emotional, yes, as in emotion-driven. But not sappy for silly little tokens of a commercial holiday. Remember, our style is driven by our priorities. Excitement, fast movement, the energy of others….i’s are those “loud” personalities we all know. (And you either love ‘em or cringe based on your own style.) So no teddy bears.

But if you had to impress me on silly ol’ Valentine’s Day, remember I love getting together as much as the actual gift. I appreciate the impractical and relish in the pageantry of it all. An impulsive move like a last-minute getaway? Yes, please. Spontaneity, excitement, surprise. “I don’t know how we ended up hang gliding in Aruba, but here we are!” It doesn’t have to be big, either – the best gifts I’ve received were meaningful because someone really, really knew me and nailed it.

If you knew I took my kids on an “experience” road trip for Christmas rather than filling our house with more toys, this comes as no surprise.

Happy (blech) Valentine’s Day to one and all, you crazy lovers. I’ll be kickboxing. Then treating my girls to Glam Dolls for crazy-themed donuts with names like “Bombshell”, “Femme Fatale”, “Outlaw”, “Chart Topper”, and “Scream Queen”. Because I like everything a little over the top.  


Jess Von Bank is the Vice President of Business Development for Symphony Talent who balances her professional life with raising three "Warrior Girls".  She prefers Spartan races over long walks on the beach and throws a mean right hook.