Lead Authentically

PeerThru is an independent advisory founded by Christopher Kurtz that specializes outsourced Glassdoor strategy, culture, and communication.

Our Mission: We exist to positively impact people's lives through communication and productivity at work. 

Our Motto: Do Good. Be Kind.

Why We Do It:

Work-life balance is so 2015, we believe in work-life harmony. We believe that when employees go home fulfilled and appreciated they are better fathers, mothers, partners, and friends. This in turn creates happier employees, happier clients and more "best places to work." 

What We Do:

We create cohesive teams and a culture of focused achievement. 

We advise companies on the four pillars of employer brand management: employer branding, recruitment, on-boarding, and talent management.  

We keep CEO's, hiring managers and recruiters informed and razor sharp through social listening, reporting and training.

Through strategic partnerships, we help organizations leverage the power of voice, influence, and credibility by gathering, monitoring and reporting on employee-generated content.