Changing your culture takes growth.

That’s our mission, our passion,

and what we do best.

Chris Kurtz

CEO, PeerThru




Glassdoor Strategy & Management

Candidates and employees are leaving breadcrumbs of insights into your culture, values, and senior management for the world to read. These conversations shouldn’t go unnoticed.

You’re ready to understand that story better.    

Employer Brand Consulting & Training

The most important corporate resource over the next 20 years will be talent. And even as demand for talent goes up, the supply of it will be going down.

Retain your team with the gift of growth.

Chris is one of the greatest leaders of our time. His management skills, people skills, and ability to
develop people are just outstanding and not easy to describe.

His abilities to create relationships, to teach without directly telling people what to do, and to
get the best of everyone are miraculous.
— Fortune 500 Talent Leader


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